Sunday, November 6, 2011

The First Adventure! MINDO

November 1st
First we needed to get a cab to take us to the bus station. Kyle and I were in  wonderful cab and it took us to the wrong bus station which meant we were late for our bus at la Ofelia. Thankfully the bus driver was happy to wait for us, the guards however were very angry! While Kyle and I though we had it bad, Peter never showed up to the bus. We later found out that his taxi was hit by another car. then the taxi that he changed into got lost and eventually took him home for free. AKA crazy start to a great Vacation! The bus ride was 2 hours long!

When We arrived we checked into our beautiful hotel at he Dragon Fly Inn. It is owned by one of the faculty at the school I work at. Beautiful clean, fast stream as a view and awesome nature sounds to but you to sleep.

Then the 4 of us traveled through the tiny town of Mindo and found the agency we wanted to work with, it had a owl not a parrot on the sign! We did 10 zip lines of various lengths  in the canopy of the Cloud Forest. It was breath taking. I became friends with the guides, well they tried to teach me Spanish and I made them laugh a lot both with my broken Spanglish and my craziness. 

And then they made us do crazy tricks on the lines!

After a long day we ate a nice dinner had a few glasses of wine and played cards. Because it was a Tuesday night the town was completely dead. not one person in the many bars of Mindo! But that did not stop us from having a great time together!

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