Saturday, November 19, 2011

A night out on the town with mi mama and mi papa

First of all we didn't leave the house till 9:30. My dad would have been in bed by then but in Ecuador that is when the city is waking up! We went into old town. it was beautiful at night.

We saw the historic Quito opera house.... gorgeous!

Then we walked the old streets. Lars (mi papa) told great stories from when he was a boy and what these shops used to be. And of course we had to go to his favorite sweet shop to buy his favorite candies. 

We ran into a starving actor that was willing to shoot me for a picture with him!

The tower and bells of Quito.

We drove by the San Francisco church. it used to be a convent but is not longer but still a ginormous church. It is 6 block long! and breathtaking from the outside. 

Found an empanada bigger than my head!!!!

Then we went to a little place and had a drink. You take a very yummy juice and add moonshine.

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