Saturday, November 12, 2011

A Night in Ecuador

The other night we had a light rain then a beautiful sight. A double rainbow. Apparently rainbows are not common in Ecuador so when you get to see one it is special. and a double rainbow is extra special.

Then after  dinner we looked out the window again and another beautiful sight over the mountains. It reminded me of the great summers up north taking never ending sunset pictures for my mother. But he mountains instead of the lake was breathtaking. 

Last night we had an amazing dinner. Mom made homemade lasagna. It was vegetarian lasagna but so good. The ingredients were so fresh and extra yummy!

Then we went to the bar. an Irish pub called Finn McCool's. (They are not very clever) Ecuador was playing and we wanted a be immersed in the soccer craziness that all most all other countries except the U.S. has over the sport.Unfortunately they lost to Paraguay. There were a couple fights in the streets over the game but nothing too brutal! We did learn a cheer and got in the mood for when we actually get to go to a game live!
Weird hot drink that tastes like mangos and is made from moonshine!

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