Tuesday, November 29, 2011

Baños!!!! (The city not the bathroom!) Day 1

So because of Thanksgiving we got Friday off. yes only Friday not Thursday at all? So we decided to take an adventure to Baños.
On the 3 hour bus ride with Maggie
When we got there we needed some food obviously so we went to Bla Bla. great sandwich shop. And ver cheep my sandwich was 2 bucks and it was huge!!! And they had some great posters on the walls!

The first day we played Ultimate Mario Cart. We rented Dune Buggies and explored the outskirts of town looking at all of the magnificent waterfalls and wildlife. 

The waterfalls were beautiful. And I realized that my camera takes amazing pictures! We even got to See an condor (the national bird that is now endangered).

We had dinner at la Vaca (the cow!) We also had some great live entertainment from an Andes village in Peru.
Then it was Party time! we went to this little bar that played English pop music and we all rocked out with our girly drinks and pretended we knew every word!
Then it was bed time. And our beds were pretty comfortable. Katy too the liberty to make sure the boys and the girls had separate rooms..... ;) But the sounds from the town were so loud. 500 rosters crowing and car alarms all night long!

But we still had a great time!

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