Monday, November 7, 2011

Mi Casa

I love my house. It really is home away from home. It is very clean and beautiful. I love the gigantic pictures that are on all of the walls. 

My Room: I have a huge room. A twin bed with flannel sheets!,  a large closet (but I barley brought clothes so it is a little bare) 2 sitting chairs with a TV, a great view out at the court yard and my vary own bathroom. 

Entrance Way: Very inviting warm green walls

Sitting Room: Again very warm felling with the rustic orange colors and a real fire place.

Dining Room: Get this we actually use this room to eat in! Nana would be happy

Kitchen: Bright white and clean. Lots of counter space and two stoves because everyone in the family loves to cook.

Living Room/Office: It is upstairs but still is the hang out of the house.

Missy's Room: This is where she makes me stay and be her sister... or else!

My sister Melissa and puppy Ziggy
My brother Nick and puppy Kody


  1. aawww your house looks so cozy! :) and no worries, your closet looks a lot like mine!!! :D <3 from Aussie land!

  2. hey! countdown (which can convert to a count up after it has finished, which is what I did) is here:

    and for the blogs on the side: I went to "Layout" (can be found in the dropdown menu next to the pencil icon) if you're using the new interface, or "Design" if you're using the old interface.

    Then I click on "Add a Gadget." it brings up a whole list of stuff. scroll til you find "Blog List," and click it. Then you click "Add a Blog to your list." it's much easier if you click the "Add from blogs I'm following" button (if its a Blogger blog that you follow) instead of adding them by the URL. then just click save and viola! done! :)