Sunday, November 20, 2011


We started the day with breakfast! we went to this really cute place El cafe de las vaca- cow restaurant. I had the Desayuno de la Vaca (cow breakfast). They start with freshly squeezed fruit juice. we all got a different flavor, and bread. On our bread we have choices of butter, cheese, milk throft, or fresh blackberry jam. The the main course comes. It was like an egg casserole. So weird but so yummy with hot coco made with fresh cows milk.  If you know me then you know breakfast is my favorite meal.. so I was in heaven!

Cotopaxi is a volcano near the south end of Quito. It name means "piece of the moon". It is almost a perfect volcano in shape. Especially when compared to its neighbor volcano that looks like a smashed hotdog! 
We entered the national park. It only cost 2 dollars and we had to drive on horrible roads that almost broke the car. 

We stooped at the small lake that is in between 2 volcanoes. Beautiful!

We then move towards to volcano! Very majestic! 

We found a soothing stream that had many little waterfalls!

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