Sunday, October 30, 2011

First Day in Ecuador!

After arriving to Miami, we had a 4 hour layover until our next flight. The three of us had our first meal together (last meal in America). The our flight to Ecuador was delayed 40 minutes. (Me, Katy, Kyle)

I slept like a baby on the plane. I was asleep before the flight attendant could explain the safety rules. I woke up for dinner and then was to excited to sleep anymore. 
Arriving in Ecuador: Customs was a breeze. I got my first ever passport stamp! then we waited in a never ending line for them to can all of our bags again. I walked out to my new mama holding a beautiful sign welcoming me.             Then it was sleep time!
Woke up around 7:30. Yes I actually slept in! Had some papaya and oranges. Then wanted some cereal. Looked all over the fridge for the milk and could not find it. Milk is in a bag! I tried to read the ingredients but while doing so I spilled the milk all over the place, apparently it was open. But it tastes  GREAT.
When Mama and Papa got home we went sight seeing. While trying to get to a "special place" our paths were blocked because they close down half the streets on Sunday for bikers. We instead ended up at La Basilica de Quito. 
Absolutely breath taking. Nana would have loved all the stained glass. It is the tallest church in South America. We climbed all the way up to the tallest tower. (probably not the best idea especially because I am already trying to get used to the altitude, but I did not pass out!) One cool thing is that the gargolas that surround the church are not just gargolas. they are also  armadillas, turtles,and iguanas. 
Then we went to the Valley. An outskirt of Quito for lunch. We went to an Italian restaurant and had amazing pizza. When I though my Spanish reading was getting better I stared at the menu wondering why it was so hard. Then I realized the the menu was written in Latin. Completely messed with my head.
This is a picture of me and my new family at lunch. (Mama (Cathy), Papa (Lars), Sister (Melissa), Me) My brother Nick was not with us :(

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  1. your first day seems so great! I should be finally getting the heck out of L.A. tonight or tomorrow night at the latest. phew. it will be nice to finally leave the country.

    your host family seems amazing! :) I will have to plan a trip to Ecuador in the future - it looks beautiful.