Monday, December 12, 2011

Tuesday of Quito Days!!!

So Monday night we went over to Christin's place for some drinks and a couple games of Cuarenta. This game is very typical in Quito, especially during Quito Days (celebration of when Quito was Founded).
The Game is really simple once you know the Rules ( kind of of like Euchre in the way that if you do not know the rules you are completely lost until you understand and then it all clicks!)

The Best part is that I won!!

Tuesday I woke up and did not even have time to be chuchaqui!! Lars and Cathy were waiting for me so we could go to Old Quito. First we went to a museum (El Museo De La Cuidad). It was an old hospital int eh 1500's to the early 1900's. Now it is a museum of the history of Quito. It is also the oldest building still standing in Quito!
The church that is in the hospital now they have digital pictures that are a TV screen.. which means that they move. It is like being in a scary Harry Potter church...

IN teh old days that used to travel using trunks instead of suitcases.. This truck has a bed that extends.. worlds first sleeping bag! It probably was the most comfortable thing to travel on as well!

Then we came home and watched a movie and ate popcorn... Ziggy LOVES popcorn, So I shared some! Mom would be proud!

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