Saturday, December 17, 2011

La Selva part 2

Day two started at 7am!. After waking up tangled in our mosquito nets we headed to breakfast!

The View of the mountains was beautiful in the morning.

Then we headed off into the jungle!. We were completely just trudging through no path to follow. We used a machete to cut through the foliage in order to continue forward. Our guide told us to chew this plant that he called lechuga de la Selva (lettuce of the jungle) but we were not allowed to swallow it. So we did!
It Turned out tongues blue! And not like a lollipop blue but it stayed that way for 2 days!
Then we found this tree that had green fruit on it. The bark has a milky substance in it that helps with headaches and sinus problems. So what did we do we tried it of course.
We added a bit of water and made a soup like substance. Then you have to snort it like you would a nasal spray. When you do it, it burns everything. And your sinus cavities drain completely. I had snot poring from my nose for 10 minutes. If was awful but when it finally stopped I was amazed. I could breath i had no pressure it was AMAZING!

Later during our hike we were getting thirsty. A water bottle can only get you so far. So we found a vine the cut it into pieces. Then you suck the water out of it. It was so fresh and very cold. DELICIOUS!
A bit later we were getting kind of hungry. Again the jungle provides! We ate heart of palm. This is a special palm tree. When you cut the trunk you can find a soft fibrous center that is sweet. So we had a little snack!
We made it to the river and before we went swimming we went fishing. But they were not biting....

Then we had to swim up the river to find a cave that had a beautiful waterfall. 

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