Monday, December 12, 2011

The Jungle!!!! Jurassic Park Style!

We went to the jungle!
First we stooped at a monkey paradise! This is where injured monkeys go live there for a few months then are released back into the wild. 

 The cutest monkey who thought I was his mother.

Took great pictures of Maggie with the monkeys but my pictures of me and the monkeys are on Maggie's monkeys!

Then we went to an Indian reserve!
Here we were supposed to learn handy crafts but they were in the middle of a Christmas celebration.
So we joined.  
We joined in their dances and drank their drink. 
We drank chicha! which is fermented yuca... Fermented  by taking the yuca and chewing it and the saliva helps the yuca ferment into an alcohol! ...
 I didn't know it was chicha until I drank an entire vat of it. 

We also got to practice using a giant blow gun... I was a natural!
Then we took a canoe trip down the Amazon river! Breathtaking!
Then we pulled in to our camp! And had lunch!
  And a friend joined us for dinner! we names her Lola. Apparently her husband was killed by a poacher and now she is so depressed that she refuses to fly.. Parrots are monogamous.
The we went off on a hike to a waterfall. First we needed a spa treatment so we had a mud facial!
Then we needed to have a spa massage.. so we went into the waterfall and had the water pound on our back!
After our guide was a stylist and a massage therapist.. he became a doctor. I complained of a sore throat so he took us to a tree and told me to eat some termites!!!
Then we hiked up a mountain to see a birds eye view of the jungle. We found a rope and decided to swing over the jungle. Absolutely terrifying but worth it. And of course i was the first to go because I am the bravest.. especially when compared to the boys!
beautiful view form the mountain top!
Then it was time for bed. We slept in a bungalo!
And we slept with mosquito nets! Some of us were better at it than others. 

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