Friday, December 2, 2011

Fiestas de Quito.. At School!

We started the day just like any Friday with Happy hour! this is when every one brings in a breakfast food to pass.. usually a sweet. and we eat and drink together before the students get there.
The traditional dance of Ecuador
Then it was the Quito day assembly. This was put on by the 3rd grade classrooms (there are 9 3rd grade classrooms). 
The gargolas of the basilica
The geto of Ecuador (my favorite)
The native
The religions walk carying the virgin
The virgin at the top of the hill with teh angels. 
The classy ladies
Each class represented a different part of Quito and Quito's history.

Then we were provided with a traditional Ecuadorian lunch!
After lunch we made a traditional snack with the kinders and danced a traditional dance!
The class enjoying their snack and me dancing with Ray!

the boys have to bow to their lady before they can dance!.. and we did the train! apparently it is very traditional and has some symbolism. 

The girls waiting patiently for their man! and Juan Fernando and Julaiana cutting a rug!

The two shyist kids dancing hard!


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  1. the best post ever!!!

    that seems like so much fun, and the kids are adorable!