Monday, December 5, 2011

Papallacta (an adventure with the boys!)

Papallacta is a tiny city that is know only for the natural hot springs!
 When we got here we checked in to our hostel Don Wilson then trecked up the road to the springs.
They were verying temperatures from 90ish to 110 degrees. They also had Cold pools that were about 30 degrees!
When we got back to our hostel we decide to order dinner. The manager was there and decided to upgrade us for only 3 dollars more! So we got to spend the night in a $150 room!
The food was delicious at our new place. We had trout... which is a main dish in Papallacta.

And figs with cheese for desert!
Then we checked into our new room. 3 Beds, a fireplace, our own private hot springs tub in our room and plenty of blankets. 
We all grabbed a couple of cervesas and head out to the springs for some relaxation and good talks.
The next morning we had a great breakfast that was complementary and then hiked up on of the mountains. First we made a friend....
The hike was steep and very muddy, but the view was worth it!
We only had a little bit left to go when we ran in to a wall of earth. The boys were hesitant to climb but I used the vines and flew up the incline! ( they followed not wanting to look like pussies!)
The view at the top of the mountain was way worth it. Breath taking!

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